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Action Through Advocates in Pakistan:

For any legal actions through advocates in Pakistan of law firm in Lahore you may contact Jamila Law Associates. Son of Owner and proprietor of property situated at No. Road, Karachi, do at this moment appoint my wife, Mrs. of No...., Road Karachi, now staying at Ceylon, to be my attorney for me, in my name, and on my behalf, or otherwise for the purposes from now on mentioned through advocates in Pakistan of law firm in Lahore.

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To ask, demand, sue for, recover and receive all sums of money now or hereafter accruing, or payable of owing to me, by the Indenture, dated the—Day of... 20 and made between me of the one Part and C.D.,     son of the other part, or upon any balance or accounts or otherwise, however, and to give, sign Ana execute receipts, releases, and other discharges for any amount whatsoever.  (2) To give effectual receipts and discharges for any amount which may be due or owing to me and to enter into any covenant, whether restrictive or otherwise?  (3)  To inspect and get the accounts kept by the said CD audited, either by herself or by any auditor appointed by her on that behalf, and to enter upon the premises of the concern to have its condition inspected through advocates in Pakistan of law firm in Lahore.  (4)  To examine, approve, allow, or (at the discretion of my said attorney) to disapprove and disallow all such accounts as shall from time to time be furnished by the said CD.  

Advocate in Lahore of Law Firm in Lahore:

To take action, civil! Or criminal through advocates in Pakistan of law firm in Lahore. To ensure the covenants' due performance under the Indenture aforesaid and to take all such steps and proceedings at law or otherwise and do all such matters and things as my said attorney shall deem fit.  (6)  And also to settle, adjust, compound, submit to arbitration and compromise all proceedings, accounts, claims, and demands whatsoever, which now are or after this shall be depending between us. He said CD in such manner as I said attorney should deem fit.  . Day of.20.  (Signed).


 (From now on called the donor) sanded greeting; whereas the donor is the owner of one equal quarter share of the estate and effects of M-A Hindu is belonging to the Dayabhaga   School of law, who died intestate, leaving as his successors and heirs. Firstly the donor; Secondly, G.H., Thirdly 1.J. and Fourthly, L.M. a son of his son XY. (Since deceased) from now on, called the defendants. Whereas the donor has how-instituted proceedings through advocates in Pakistan of law firm in Lahore against the said defendants for the partition and allotment of his one equal quarter's share in the said property. In contrast, the donor is feeling considerable handicap in prosecuting the said partition proceedings. These present witnesses that in consideration of premises, the donor appoints C.D., son of, his attorney for him in his name and on his behalf for the purp0se from now on mentioned.