Cheque Issues and Advocate in Lahore Pakistan


Cheque Issues and Advocate in Lahore Pakistan:

 For any types of cheque issues contact the best advocate in Lahore Pakistan or law firm in Pakistan Jamila Law Associates. AS regards the first two of the impugned cheques, it held on the particular facts of the case, although not without doubt, that it could not fix the defendant bank with knowledge or notice that the attorney was abusing his powers, it is a material factor that Lord Terrington's firm acted as the plaintiff’s advocate in Lahore Pakistan or law firm in Pakistan, and in respect of these cheques might well, having regard to the entries in the book, have been repaying themselves for disbursements made on the plaintiff’s behalf.

Conversion of the Cheques:

However, all the other cheques fell within one or other of two periods when the firm's account was from time to time in debit, and the defendant bank was finding it unsatisfactory and asking for the periodical debits to be extinguished or reduced. It was held that there was a conversion of the cheques. The bank was in the circumstances put upon inquiry as to whether there was an abuse of his power by the advocate in Lahore Pakistan or law firm in Pakistan. The bank admittedly acted in good faith, but as it failed to make any inquiry, it could not be held to have acted without negligence' and was, therefore, not entitled to the protection of S.82 of Bills of Exchange Act, 1882 Held further, that the ratification clause did not protect the bank. A third party, however, is not bound to deal with an attorney?  


 A pardanashin lady executed a Power of Attorney through advocate in Lahore Pakistan or law firm in Pakistan in favor of her husband with full powers to do such acts as were described in it. The power set out various actions relating to the property management and litigation and matters relating to the litigation's execution. The power, however, did not mention in explicit terms the authority to sell, mortgage, and lease. The husband contracted to sell the property, but the sale-deed was not executed; after that, the purchaser brought a suit for the contract's specific performance. It held that the husband had no authority to enter into the contract of sale.

Power of Attorney:

A power of attorney through advocate in Lahore Pakistan or law firm in Pakistan executed by two brothers in favor of the third provided, among other things, "in respect of any Mouza or share of land owned and possessed by us, the executants the said Mukhtar-Aam should grant simple or Zarpeshgi Thika or make mortgage with possession." Held that these words were sufficient to confer the power to execute mortgage for debts for which the joint family, consisting of the three brothers, was liable." Where the Mukhtarnama granted the power on the agent to borrow any money for any purpose and do any other work as necessity arises, it was held that as no express power to mortgage had been given giving; it was not easy to say that the terms of the Mukhtarnama can be construed into power for providing a mortgage.