Get Know Guide of Advocates in Pakistan and Agreements


Advocates in Pakistan and Agreements:

For any disputes you may hire services of our advocates in Pakistan of law firm in Lahore. The Government permits hereinbefore mentioned, and agree that the said Messrs Currie & Co. shall have a lien upon the said permits for all sums of money now due or to become due to them under this agreement through advocates in Pakistan of law firm in Lahore and on their part, the said Messrs.' Currie & Co. bin themselves faithfully to discharge their duties as such agents as aforesaid and to account for all such timber and sums of money as may be received by them in such capacity.

It is lastly agreed by and between the said parties hereto that if any dispute or difference arises touching these presents, the same shall be inquired into and decided by two indifferent persons, and in case of their disagreement, by their umpire; and if either party fails to appoint a referee for the space of ten days after notice shall have been given him by the other party so to do, the referee appointed by the other party may make a final decision alone through advocates in Pakistan of law firm in Lahore.


 Known all men, etc. That I, AB, etc., with this revoke the singular the powers and authorities given by me to CD of my Power of Attorney, dated.  Provided that this revocation shall not affect and shall De without prejudice to any act or deed lawfully done or done by the said CD under the powers conferred on him before he knows of this revocation.  In witness of which, etc. 


 (VAKALATNAMA) In the Court of.  ** Defendants Suit No__of__AB, etc__Plaintiff versus CD, etc.  By this Power of attorney in favor of advocates in Pakistan of law firm in Lahore, I the said CD defendant in the above case do at this moment constitute and appoint XY advocate as my attorney for me in my name and on my behalf to appear, plead and do all lawful acts and things in connection with the said case on my behalf or with the execution of any decree or order passed in the case in my favor which I shall be entitled or permitted to do myself, and, in particular,   Advocate whenever he thinks proper to do so, and I agree to pay him as his fee the sum of Rs__or such legal fee of advocates in Pakistan of law firm in Lahore as can under the rules of the High Court be taxed as cost) irrespective of my success or failure in the case, provided that if the patient is heard at any place other than the usual residence of the Court's sitting, the Pleader shall not be bound to attend except on my agreeing t0 pay him a separate fee to be settled between us.  


   By this Power of attorney, we AB, etc., and CD, etc., carrying g on business under the firm name of AB & Co. do at this moment appoint AT, etc.